Birth of a Business

After much soul searching I realized I truly missed the work I used to do as a birth doula.  The needs of my wallet had caused me to take full time jobs that didn't allow for the flexibility doulas need.  Twenty years ago, when I first became a doula it wasn't very well known.  Even so I was the busiest doula in the Cape Cod area where I lived at the time.  So after many years of loving my work, but not being able to provide for my family,  I reluctantly took off those "doula shoes" and stored them for another day.

That day has come. The benefits of doulas is more widely known now.  It's time.   I'm creating a website, business cards and reading all the newest books.  Along with recreating my doula business, which I've named: Prenatal Connection, I've started studying to become a Prenatal Bonding Facilitator.  B.O.N.D. University has this great program based on the book, The Greatest Pregnancy Ever.  I can't wait until I'm certified to hold Prenatal Bonding Classes.

Why teach prenatal bonding?  The authors of The Greatest Pregnancy Ever, Wilson/Wilson Peters,  teach that babies are conscious and aware in utero. The mother’s environment, thoughts, and feelings determine how the child develops.  Even to the point of influencing their personalities.

 I wish I had known that when I had my babies - who are now adults!  Back then it was understood that the baby wasn't aware of much except perhaps the mother's and father's voices, and loud sounds.  We've come along way since then.  Now we know that their heart is the first organ to develop.  They are emotional beings from the start.  The baby's emotional state is directly aligned with the mother's.  When's she's calm and happy so is baby.  Stressed?  So is baby.  Please note that occasional stress is actually ok - baby learns to deal with it.  Chronic stress is another story though.  These early prenatal classes will give moms the tools to help keep her calm and feeling positive throughout her pregnancy.

Childbirth classes are wonderful and essential.  But they don't address the role of consciousness in preparation for a positive and peaceful pregnancy and birth.  What today's families need is the opportunity to connect heart to heart with their babies as soon as possible.  The prenatal bonding classes held early in the pregnancy, offer a deeper connection with lasting effects over the life of their child.

I'm so excited to be learning about the amazing mother baby connection!!